All Regulations of NYCU Epidemic Prevention



Our epidemic prevention measures for all campuses are as followed, including General Principles, Covid-19 Screen, Curriculum & Exam, P.E. Class, Internship, Library, Student Activity, Dormitories, Student Leave, Entrance control, Shuttle buses, Building access control, Restaurants, Activities & Meetings, Laboratory Safety

一般防疫原則General Principles):

  1. 住宿生確診需診需通報校方。通報流程請見確診通報流程
    Confirmed cases of resident students need to report. Housing Center will arrange isolation dorm. Please refer to NYCU Covid-19 Reporting Process for more information.
  2. 落實自我防護(Individual Universal Precautions , IUP),勤洗手、配合校內防疫口罩相關規定。
    Please follow up the Individual universal precautions (IUPs): washing your hands and cooperate with the relevant regulations on wearing masks.
  3. 出國前請依規定完成請假手續。
    Completing leave application is required before traveling abroad.


口罩規定Mask Regulation):

  1. 室外免戴口罩。
    No need to wear masks outdoors.
  2. 室內可自主配戴口罩。
    Wear masks on own indoors.
  3. 特殊場所全程配戴口罩。如:健康中心、課程需要(實驗課程、臨床實習課程)。
    Need to wear masks in special places. EX : Health Center, course requirements (experimental courses and clinical practice courses)


防疫篩檢Covid-19 Screening):

  1. 確診者不入校上班上課,居家自主健康管理0+5天,期間快篩陰性可提早解除。
    Confirmed cases are not allowed to come to campus and have to completing 5-day home self-health management. With a negative rapid test result can terminate self-health management early.
  2. 國外入境者和密切接觸者可正常上課上班,有症狀者請自行快篩。
    Inbound travelers and close contacts can come to campus. Please do a rapid test if have symptoms.
  3. 快篩或PCR檢測結果可由本校健康管理平台( https://ehms.nycu.edu.tw/) 通報校方與單位主管。
    Rapid test and PCR result can report us on https://ehms.nycu.edu.tw/
  4. 有身體不適或是課堂需要者可領取快篩。上班時間到衛保組請領,晚上假日住宿生可至管理員室請領。
    Those who are unwell or in need of class can ask for rapid tests. Students can pick up the kits at the office of Health Center on weekday; The service is available at the office of dormitory management in the night and on the weekend.


課程與考試Curriculum & Exam):

  1. 各項課程依原排定授課方式進行。相關規定詳見教務相關
    All courses are resumed to original teaching methods. Please refer to Acdemic Section for more details.
  2. 碩博士班資格考口試、學位考試等得採視訊方式舉行,無需特別申請,於學位考試成績表紀錄即可,但所有口試委員須於同一時段共同參與。口試須簽名之文件由院系所以簽名電子檔或郵寄紙本方式辦理。
    Oral defense for the qualification examinations and thesis defenses may be conducted online via video conference mode. The students need to choose the examination method on the Degree Examination Grade Sheet; no additional application is required in advance. All committee members need to participate in the online oral exam simultaneously, no substitute allowed. Each college can determine whether video/audio documentation of the examinations is required. For the oral examination documents, each college can determine whether the documents be handled in e-file (electronic signature) or by direct mail (paper copies). 


體育課P.E. Class):

All courses are resumed to physical teaching. Students and teachers are allowed to remove masks while exercising.



Off-campus internships should follow the regulations of the internship sites. Students identified as confirmed cases during internship need to report to their departments and follow up the summary table of the contingency mechanisms of study courses to response.



Library is open on regular hours. Wear masks on own and keep social distancing.



學生活動Student Activities & Club Venue Management):

  1. 社團活動空間採線上申請,並注意人數管制與清潔消毒。發燒或有上呼吸道症狀者禁止進入。
    Students can make online reservations for club space and should notice on crowd controls, disinfection of the environmental surfaces. Students with a fever or upper respiratory infection symptoms will not be permitted to enter the space.
  2. 陽明校區學生K書中心、休憩場所維持開放。
    Study rooms and lounges on Yangming campus remain open as usual.



  1. 陽明校區住宿生需憑「健康憑證」辦理入住學校宿舍。若知確診或為密切接觸者,卻未依規定通報而蓄意留住原寢視同違反規定。相關細節請參考陽明校區宿舍防疫規定
    Yangming residents should check into the school dormitory with their “health certificates”. Confirmed cases or close contacts fail to report to the school or follow the school regulations of moving out from dormitory would be considered as violation of regulations. Please refer to Yang Ming Campus Student Dormitory Epidemic Prevention Regulations from more details.
  2. 開放宿舍交誼廳、自習室、韻律室、健身室等公共空間,每次使用器材前後,請確實用酒精消毒。
    Public spaces including the lounge in dorms, study rooms, aerobics rooms, and fitness rooms remain open for residents. Please disinfect the facilities using alcohol disinfectant before and after use.
  3. 校內防疫宿舍優先提供境外生與離島生使用,本地生以返家休養原則,有困難無法返家者可以提出申請,住服組將依床位狀況協助安置於照護宿舍或空寢室。
    Isolation dorms will be provided for international students and students who live in offshore island first. Have difficulties and cannot return home can file an application. Housing Center will arrange isolation dorm according to bed status.
  4. 職務宿舍開放輕症確診之教職員就地隔離,會館僅供就地居家隔離使用。
    Faculty members who are infected with mild cold-like symptoms can stay in staff dorms. Guest houses only open for the guests who are infected during residency and need to isolate at home but cannot go back home immediately.
  5. 各校區宿舍或館舍,基於風險及管理考量,得另定相關規範,詳見住宿服務
    Dormitories and buildings can announce stricter regulations base on their risk assessment. Please refer to Dorm Section.


學生請假Student Leave):

  1. 學生持快篩陽性證明(如照片),可請病假,0日及次日起5日以內之病假,不列入出缺席紀錄。所有「病假」申請,請於線上請假系統敘明生病癥狀,需附證明文件,並完成請假手續,即准假。
    Students holding a positive test certificate (such as a photo) can apply for Sick leave within 0 days and 5 days from the next day, which will not be included in the absence record. Students should indicate the symptoms of illness for “sick leave” applications (supporting documents required) in the online leave system. The applications will be approved once the procedures are completed.
  2. 學生因疫情請假期間,仍需與授課教師保持聯繫,並遵守課程相關規定。
    Students who take Disease Prevention Leave due to the pandemic still need to keep in touch with their instructors and abide by the regulations of their courses during the leave period.


校門管制Entrance control):

Campuses reopen for all visitors.


交通車Shuttle buses):

All shuttle buses operate on a regular schedule. No eating and drinking on buses. Suggest wearing a mask in the buses.


建築物門禁管理Building access control):

Building access control has been lifted, each building can announce its own regulations if necessary.



Hand-washing and social distancing are required in restaurants.


活動與會議Activities & Meetings):

Public spaces and conference rooms are open. Users must follow the CECC’s regulations.


環安中心Laboratory Safety):

  1. 注意自我身體狀況
    Pay more attention to personal health
  2. 實驗場所人員做好個人防護,全程配戴口罩、穿著實驗衣
    Researchers should wash hands frequently, maintain a social distance, wear facial masks and lab coats in labs all time.
  3. 實驗場所禁止在內用餐
    No food or drink allowed in labs.